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3d printing is an established technology used for prototyping manufacturing products and components across a range of industries, schools and colleges. Fast Technology is working together with a number of specialized 3D printer suppliers to enable schools to introduce 3d printing technology to their students. At present we have a number of special offers on 3d printers.


These systems are available with a complete set of print management features and a comprehensive accounting system to manage and recover 3D printing costs. The corn starch based material used for the 3d models is ideal substance that is kind to the environment.


3d printing offers an opportunity for Schools to explore innovative ways of teaching STEM subjects, stimulating pupil interest and enriching the curriculum. Equipping pupils to understand the application and potential of this new type of technology will be important to help prepare them for a world in which similar technologies will be increasingly commonplace.


(Source: Department of Education, October 2013, 3d printers in schools)


With automated calibration and high performance, even the most intricate designs come out perfectly and with devices available from as little as £48 per month with free delivery, installation and


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